Identity of the Exhibition

Exclusively addressed to professionals, the exhibition Hotelia is one of the most specialized annual exhibitions in the field of hotel equipment, as well as catering and coffee services.

Organized in parallel with the Philoxenia Tourism Exhibition and with several parallel innovative events of an informative and educational nature, Hotelia constitutes an integrated exhibition event for tourism entrepreneurs. The venue that takes place the exhibition event in Thessaloniki ensures proximity to the growing Balkan market while attracting the interest of buyers from other foreign markets as well.

Hotelia 2023

In this year’s event, will be presented all new ideas, best practices, and modern construction specifications about the hotel styles, which respect the environment and upgrade the accommodation. Driven by the new preferences and desires of consumers, hotels today are required to attract new customer categories, adopt digital solutions, highlight their sustainable operation, and renew their services to remain competitive.

In the meantime, new catering proposals and coffee services, will enrich the exhibition with lots of special presentations and workshops, through the specialized events, ALL ABOUT GASTRONOMY and All ABOUT COFFEE.


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